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Deirdre E. Logan, PhD
Children's Hospital Boston
Boston, USA

Copyright © 2017,
Special Interest Group on
Pain in Childhood,
International Association
for the Study of Pain®,

ISSN 1715-3956

Information appearing in Pediatric Pain Letter is not reviewed by, and is not necessarily endorsed by, the Special Interest Group on Pain in Childhood, nor by IASP ®.

Vol. 19 No. 1

February 2017


We express sincere thanks to the following colleagues who reviewed manuscripts in 2016.  Their efforts are crucial in maintaining the quality of commentaries published in Pediatric Pain Letter.

Sara Aloha Kohut
Gerard Banez
Line Caes
Fiona Campbell
Rachael Coakley
Kevin Hommel
Emily Law
Michael Sangster
Neil Schechter
Julie Shulman
Christine Sieberg
Susan Tran
Dustin Wallace
Sara Williams