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Pediatric Pain Letter

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Deirdre E. Logan, PhD
Children's Hospital Boston
Boston, USA

Associate Editor:
Abbie L. Jordan, PhD
University of Bath
Bath, UK

Copyright © 2024,
Special Interest Group on
Pain in Childhood,
International Association
for the Study of Pain ®,

ISSN 1715-3956

Information appearing in Pediatric Pain Letter is not reviewed by, and is not necessarily endorsed by, the Special Interest Group on Pain in Childhood, nor by IASP ®.

Instructions for authors

Prospective authors of a commentary are invited to e-mail the proposed topic to the editor and the editorial assistant before submission. A list of suggested topics is available.

The length limit is normally 1,200 words, not including references. References should include links to PubMed abstracts for the articles cited in the commentary.

The format to prepare a commentary for blind review is provided in this 2-page document in Rich Text Format: format-commentary.rtf. Right-click and "Save target as" or "Save link as" to download and view this file in your word processor.

To assist with reference formatting, a contributor has shared an EndNote file for use with EndNote Version 8 or higher. This file is not guaranteed to be exact PPL style but may help authors in preparing their submissions.

Proposals and commentaries are accepted at any time by e-mail. Once accepted for publication, commentaries will be published in the next available issue. Issues are published in February, June, and October. Correspondence to the editor will normally be acknowledged within a week; if no reply is received within a week, please follow up to make sure the message was received.

All correspondence should be addressed to:
deirdre.logan[at]childrens.harvard.edu (Substitute @ for [at]) and
ks0163[at]mix.wvu.edu (Substitute @ for [at])